KnCMiner Individual Lawsuits

I’m currently pursuing 20 individual lawsuits against KnCMiner AB and company affiliates, such as KnC 20 nm Sweden AB.

The lawsuits covers customer grievances with Neptune (batch 2),  Titan 14L (batch 1) and Titan 16L (batch 2) purchases, including KnC’s:

  • Refusal to comply with mandatory Swedish consumer protection laws, i.e. the right for a consumer to cancel an order and to get a refund for any reason whatsoever (within a certain timeframe).
  • Marketing of unrealistic delivery dates and, as a consequence, very late delivery of products (making it almost impossible to earn back the initial investment in the machine).
  • Marketing and selling of extremely dangerous (fire hazard) and non certified products,
  • Marketing and selling of faulty and non performing products vs advertised, e.g less hash rate and higher power consumption than advertised.
  • Refusal to honor official promises regarding ”late delivery compensation” to Neptune owners, i.e. non delivery of Neptune bonus machines.

Please drop me a line if I can be of any assistance.

Email: Joakim Strignert